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Windscreen Chip Repairs from $85 

Windscreen Chip Repair FAQ’s


What is a windscreen chip repair? 


This is a process of filling the chip in the windscreen with a clear resin in order to prevent the window from cracking or breaking more so as to avoid needing a total replacement of the windscreen later.


Can my windscreen just be repaired instead of being replaced? 


Windscreen chip repairs can be accomplished very successfully if the impact area is no larger than a 10c piece.


Will the damage totally disappear after being repaired? 


Not completely. You will still be able to see where the point of impact occurred, but it will be very slight. If someone does not look closely, they probably would not see it. This fix is basically to prevent the crack from spreading and later requiring a new windscreen which would be far more costly


Can the repair be redone if I do not like how it looks? 


Once the resin has been inserted into the glass and hardened, there is no way to redo it. Often the results depend on the size and type of damage to your car windscreen and the amount of time between the occurrences of the damage and when it is brought in for repair. The sooner you have the glass repaired, the better the chances of the results looking better.


How long does it take to repair a chip to my windscreen?


Most chips will be repaired in less than a half hour. For multiple cracks and chips it will take a little longer.


Can I take my vehicle to a car wash after a completed repair job? 


Yes. After the resin is fully cured, which only takes a matter of minutes, the car can be washed.


What do you charge for your mobile service? 


The mobile service does not have any additional charges.


If a rock hits my glass, is there anything to prevent it from spreading? 


About the only ways to prevent further spreading is to avoid bumps and severe temperature changes. That not only means outside temperature, but also the inside. Avoid using air conditioning and heat if the crack is already spreading. Bring it in for repair as soon as you can.


Can I do anything that would assist the success of the glass repair? 


Keep the windscreen dirt-free if possible and get it repaired right away.


If it is raining can I still have my windscreen repaired? 


No. It is necessary for the glass to be moisture-free.